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Dreamland is located in the heart of the Grand-Rue in Wiltz, a small city in the north of Luxembourg. Close to shops, bars, the castle and still surrounded by nature, Dreamland is a unique place to discover what Luxembourg has to offer. It’s not only a home for local artists and also a place where you can express yourself, learn new skills, meet new people or get inspired.

We are hosting exhibitions, small concerts and jam-sessions and also other creative activities such as diverse workshops or public readings for example.

Caroline Martin is a Luxembourgish photographer and artist who has been working with the three Naturparks of Luxembourg for some years already. In 2021 she moves to Wiltz and submits her idea for the Dreamland Creative Space to the contest « Mäin Projet (m)am Naturpark » . She wins the 3rd prize and starts renovating this unique place.

Defending the values of our partners the local Naturparks, we are up-cycling a lot of materials that we found in the house when it was purchased. You will find in this unusual architectural space, a collection of unique objects that are worth a closer look. Cosy ambiance for an intimate concert,

long walls for exhibitions and a friendly place to meet up are only a few of the many options that Dreamland Creative Space has to offer.

The Space is divided in different areas with different topics and moods. Just like its mascot, it constantly adapts and changes, so make sure to come by on a more regular basis and check out our agenda if you don’t want to miss anything…

Come and join us and be part of the adventure! Come take a look or come share your creative ideas!


The Luxembourgish art scene has so much to offer and we at Dreamland want to give them/you an opportunity to exhibit your work of art.

Concerts and Jam-Sessions

Luxembourg is full of talented artists and Dreamland is the place where you get the chance to discover their work, meet with them or maybe even jam with them. Come join us in our cosy and intimate concerts and jam-sessions.

Workshops and more

Learn more about nature and be active in our workshops with the Naturparks,. Come listen to stories in our reading sessions, come and find your balance with some yoga during our sessions, or join our game nights to meet new people.